Adjustable CPU Holders | NEW RANGE | From only £22.35

Here at BOX15, we’re pleased to introduce our new range of adjustable CPU holders!

Smart Space CPU Holder

The first of our new CPU holders in our range is the Smart Space CPU Holder. This is an adjustable under desk tower mount designed to elevate your CPU from the floor.

It is elevated by being screw-fixed to the underside of the desk which keeps cables and wiring off the floor. It also prevents the tower from being knocked over and damaged, as with the free-standing CPU’s.  Additionally, this unit is suitable for table top thicknesses of just 20mm minimum and so perfect for office/home office use.

The adjustable design allows for a height adjustment of 310-555mm, and a width adjustment from 70-230mm. This adjustable feature, in addition to a weight capacity of up to 30kg means that it will suit almost all CPU towers available!

Smart Space CPU Holder

Thin Line CPU Holder

Our next model is the Thin Line CPU Holder. This is very similar to the Smart Space CPU Holder but on a smaller scale.

It is also designed to be screw-fixed to the under side of the desk except it is for smaller CPU towers. This model has an adjustable height of 310-555mm and adjustable width of 30-110mm.

This unit also requires less tabletop thickness of 18mm to be screw fixed and has a lower weight capacity of 5kg. Perfect for use with smaller / mini CPU’s!  

Both of these innovative CPU holders can be easily adjusted by using a simply mechanism; allowing for them to accommodate almost every CPU.

The inner panels have been adapted with absorbent foam padding and protection to prevent scratches during assembly. The padding also helps to secure the CPU firmly in place.

Thin Line CPU Holder

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