Bean bag chairs for businesses

Bean bags for businesses

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), most of the world’s population spend 1/3 of their adult life at work, so with the average person spending 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime it is safe to say that your work can make an enormous impression on the quality of your life, whether it be physically or psychologically.


Bean bag chairs

Sit back, relax

The workplace Cafeteria is the place to go to relax, enjoy your lunch and take a break from your work, but hard framed chairs and creaky tables can make it difficult to sit back and unwind. Make the Cafeteria a no stress zone and promote the calming environment with some easy going, laidback lounging. However you choose to unwind on your lunch break, whether by enjoying a coffee, watching television or playing games, make it a break to brag about and relax on our range of unique and colourful Bean bag chairs, click HERE for the full bean bag collection!

Bean bag Lounge Chairs

Ease stress & Inspire creativity

Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry that stress-free mindset from the cafeteria to your desk? Well actually… you can! Being slumped at a desk or sat in a meeting room can make time drag on and grind your creative flare to a halt, but this can be a surprisingly quick fix just by swapping out those tired old shares and worn out seating with some vibrant new bean bag chairs. Not only do these chairs offer plenty of support but they can also promote better posture, inspire creativity and brighten the décor of those eerie office meeting rooms. See our full range of bean bags HERE; available in Lime, Concrete, Pumpkin, Red, Silver or Turquoise, allowing you to find the perfect addition for your office décor.

Having formal meetings on hard plastic chairs can actually add to the discomfort for those shy employees, but a relaxed environment can allow them to feel more at home and let the breaks off of the creativity wagon. It may surprise you just how much of a difference these can make, particularly during brainstorming sessions – you may see an instant increase in contribution of ideas and work activity!

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Bean bag office chair