BOX15 | Bean Bag Chairs

At BOX15, we offer a wide range of bean bag chairs that are perfect for home or office use. Whether you’re looking for a new chair to lounge around in on those lazy Sundays, or a funky new office alternative, we’ve got a bean bag for you!

Our entire range is also available in a range of colours, including Lime, Concrete, Pumpkin, Red, Silver or Turquoise! Thus allowing you to find the perfect colour to match your home interior or a vibrant new addition to the office decor.

Monaco Bean Bag

The Monaco bean bag is a small, pouf-shaped bean bag which has been designed for children as well as adults.

This quirky, stylish bean bag is the perfect addition to any home or office. It is also lightweight and super easy to carry, making it the perfect piece of furniture for children!

Monaco Mini

Prices from £15.00 (excluding VAT)

Mini Barcelona Bean Bag

The Mini Barcelona  is a small, triangular piece of furniture which is designed primarily for children. Taking up minimal space, it is light weight and perfect for use as bed room furniture or living room furniture.

Prices from £52.13 (excluding VAT)

Barcelona Bean Bag

The Barcelona bean bag (which is essentially a bigger version of the Barcelona Mini); is a handmade piece of modern furniture which moves, moulds and adapts to your body for maximum support and comfort. Perfect for the lounge or living room, or even as quirky office furniture!

Barcelona Bean Bag

Prices from £66.50 (excluding VAT)

Bilbao Bean Bag Chair

The Bilbao Bean Bag is designed with a comfortable back and headrest, offering ultimate support and comfort. This feature makes it perfect for use at work, playing video games or watching movies. The Bilbao Bean Bag is also suitable for use in a home office set up or simply reading a book and relaxing.

Bilbao Bean Bag.2

Prices from £77.00 (excluding VAT)

Budapest Bean Bag Chair

This unique, donut-shaped bean bag lounger contains small expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads which adapt effortlessly to the body shape and position to provide maximum comfort.

At 65cm x 100cm, the Budapest bean bag is suitable for both children and adults. And it is perfect for use as bedroom furniture, living room furniture or as a stylish take on your office furniture!

Budapest Bean Bag

Prices from £95.00 (excluding VAT)

Cologne Gaming Chair

The Cologne Gaming Chair is designed for both children and adults. It’s unique design molds and adapts to your body shape to provide ultimate comfort. Consequently, it also works flawlessly as living room furniture or bedroom furniture; perfect for playing Games and relaxing in the lounge!

Cologne Gaming chair

Prices from £56.75 (excluding VAT)

Dublin Double Bean Bag Sofa

The Dublin double is a sofa shaped bean bag designed for two! Measuring 130cm in length, this bean bag sofa provides maximum comfort and support; allowing you to put your feet up and relax, or enjoy a lazy afternoon for 2!

The Dublin double’s EPS bead filling also means that it is significantly lighter and more flexible and therefor easier to move than a regular double seated sofa.

Dublin Double Bean Bag Chair

Prices from £204.50 (excluding VAT)

London Lounger

The London lounger is a sofa shaped bean bag designed for two people! Expertly handmade for outstanding precision, this sofa lounge design includes a backrest for added comfort and support in addition to an extended seating area; subsequently allowing you to stretch your legs out and relax. Perfect for the home and office!

The London lounger also has an external slipcover which can be taken off and cleaned, making it a great alternative to standard sofas!

London Lounger

Prices from £164.00 (excluding VAT)

Material information

All of our bean bag chairs come with an EPS bead filling as standard. These beads move, mould and adapt to you and your resting position; they also make the bean bag significantly lighter and more flexible than regular bean bag furniture.

We also offer the entire range with fireproof covering as well! Click HERE to take a look.

Other cover materials are available on request, including quilted, outdoor, patterned and more! Get in touch with us HERE to find out more!

Need help deciding?

We’ve got this covered! Read our blog on how to choose a  bean bag chair in 6 simple steps right HERE!