BRUNCH Pull Out Kitchen Table from BOX15

Our new pull out kitchen table frame BRUNCH is a system that enables a peninsula table to be extracted from a compartment normally containing a drawer. In addition, it can also be used to hold cutlery, serviettes, etc. The table is extracted by simply opening the hinged front of the compartment. This solution was developed to satisfy the need for functionality in limited spaces, such as small kitchens and kitchenettes needing a surface for breakfast or a worktop for preparing the meal. The prerogative of the system is that all the components (i.e. our mechanisms and your wooden elements) are integrated with the system itself, without the need to store extensions, etc. elsewhere.

Brunch pull out kitchen table

Key Features:

  • 1060mm Table Extension
  • Load rated to 80kgs evenly distributed

This ingenious frame design has been developed to maximise space saving in smaller areas, or where a clutter free environment is required. Designed to sit neatly hidden away behind a drawer front, this system simply pulls out and gives you a choice of table widths.

All you need to add is the top of your choice and then you have a versatile table-top, perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, laundry rooms, offices, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Recent applications have also included mobile homes and caravans.

Available in a choice of widths, this system will give you a pull out workable table top area of approx. 1060mm in length. There’s no need to store extra components, extensions etc. elsewhere as everything is compactly designed within the drawer ready for you to simply open the hinged front of the drawer space.


Brunch Pull Out Table Sizes

BRUNCH is available for 3 cabinet widths: 600mm / 900mm / 1200mm. Full details for the dimensions including the minimum and maximums required to fit BRUNCH can be seen in the dimensional drawing above.


As with all of our space saving pull out tables we recommend they are installed by a professional tradesperson. You find full installation instructions for BRUNCH by clicking the link below however please note these can change from time to time so to be safe the instructions that are included in the box will be correct, so ensure they are ones used for the physical installation.

We also have a video overview which shows the mechanism in action and the general installation process:

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