BUILD Modular Shelving System / Room Dividers

Our new modular shelving system BUILD is a durable, high quality alternative to standard shelving systems which usually don’t offer much longevity. Made 100% from polypropylene, with no glue or metal components BUILD is completely recyclable. BUILD is sold by the cell and allows you to design your own set up with endless configurations of cells. BUILD is a fully adaptable system that can be used as shelving or a partition, installed wall mounted or free standing – to suit almost any requirement. We are finding customers are getting more and more creative with how they use it – the cells can even be used as a storage boxes or seating!

Build Shelving Free Standing


BUILD is made up of identical cells that have been designed to effortlessly go together in any combination meaning it can be built to almost any shape – suitable for any space or environment.

Build Modular Shelving  growing


BUILD is available in 2 colours and 2 configurations which can easily be mixed and matched to provide a custom set up.

  • Colours – Black / White
  • Configurations – Open (no back) / Close (with back)

Modular Shelving cell combinations


Straight as an arrow

The units can always be arranged to have all of the shelves horizontal and in-line

Modern Shelving always straight


BUILD is a fully adaptable, flexible and versatile system that can be used in a number of different way suiting many applications. Due to its clever design the units can easily be changed into any set up required. BUILD can be used for any number of things including:

Shelving system

Modular Modern Shelving System

Wall Rack

The joining clips can be screwed straight into the wall to allow BUILD to be easily wall mounted.

BUILD Wall Mounted shelves

Temporary Seating

Thanks to their robust build quality and light weight BUILD units can easily be flipped over and used as extra seating as and when required.

BUILD Seating

Storage Boxes

The units are light weight and stackable meaning they work very well as an improvised storage / packaging solution:

BUILD Stacking storage solution

Room Divider / Partition system

BUILD has been designed to work as a free standing system meaning it can easily be set up to act as a room divider or partition system in homes and offices alike

BUILD Room Divider / Partition SystemBUILD Office Partition & Room Divider

Low Maintenance

BUILD cells are made from a water proof, chemical resistant material meaning its very easy to clean and maintain.

Put down that screwdriver!

BUILD comes supplied with push in clips which connect the cells so there are no tools required to put these together. Assembly is fast and easy – perfect for ever changing environment. Its effortless to add or remove cells as required.

BUILD Modular shelving easy assembly.

Light it Up

You can also get electroluminescent lamp light straps for BUILD that are designed to weave through the cells externally to light up the shelving in a unique way. There 14 different colour light strips available all sold by the metre.

BUILD Shelving Light Strips

BUILD Lights Low Res


OPEN (without back):

  • External dimensions (with back): 20.47″ x 15.16″ x D 11.42
  • Internal dimensions (with back): 16.73″ x 12.40″ x D 11.42″
  • Weight:  approx. 700g / 1.5 lbs

Closed (with back)

  • External dimensions (with back): 20.47″ x 15.16″ x D 11.81″
  • Internal dimensions (with back): 16.73″ x 12.40″ x D 11.42″
  • Weight:  approx. 750 g / 1.6 lbs

BUILD Cell Dimensions - Shelf System


BUILD is available to order right now here