Computer set up at home | What you’ll need

Here are BOX15,  we offer a comprehensive range of office supplies to enable our customers to complete their computer set up at home, with ease.

However, with such a wide and diverse range to choose from, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. And so, to make things easier, we’ve  put together a short blog on the basics of what you’ll need. Read on to find out!

On Desk Power Sockets

Firstly, we’d recommend purchasing an on desk power module.

On Desk Sockets

On desk power modules are incredibly popular and common throughout offices and homes office set ups. This is because they provide a range of power outlets designed specifically for office / computer use, making connection easy and always within reach.

computer set up

We list a wide range of Desktop Mounted Power Modules which are designed to be fixed to the desk top and provide you with a range of power outlets; including UK 3 pin sockets, USB A, USB C and Data which work perfectly as part of a computer set up.

To view our range of Desktop Mounted Power Modules, click HERE.

Cable Management System

There are plenty of options available to choose from to complete your cable management set up. These include Cable ports, cable baskets, cable trays, cable knuckles etc; but to save you from hours of research, we’ve narrowed down a list of our most popular cable management options.

The below parts are all used to support and safely route cables through from the power unit to power source.


Cable ports (or cable grommets) and access plates can be a ring of rubber, metal, plastic or even wood and are designed to be push fit into a pre-cut grommet hole.

The grommet / cable port ring subsequently lines the grommet hole and protects any cables from sharp edges; allowing for cables to safely pass through the desktop and to the power source or cable basket.

To view our range of cable ports, click HERE.


Cable baskets and cable trays both fix to the underside of the desktop. This  allows for power and data cables to be neatly channelled along the length of tray; from the power unit to the power supply.

Both options simply suspend cables and wiring from the underside of the desk and keeps them off the floor; subsequently improving office aesthetics as well as the longevity of the cables, while preventing possible trip hazards and reducing the risk of damage to the connecting power unit.


Cable Basket

To view our range of cable baskets & cable trays, click HERE.

Cable Snakes & Tidies

Cable snakes provide a protective casing around power and dates cables. They are easy to fit and provide safe passaging of multiple cables in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

They are commonly found within offices, routing cables from the computer set up to the power source.

computer set up. cable managementTo view our range of cable snakes, click HERE.

PC Tower & Maintenance

Computer towers placed on the floor are susceptible to dust and carpet fibres which work their way into the tower and gather on the internal components. This is particularly common on carpeted flooring and textured flooring which are prone to gathering dust.

However, dust build-up can have a serious impact on your PC’s performance. This is because it causes the internal components to retain heat while making it difficult for the internal fans to disperse heat from the system, leading the power supply unit to overheat and burn out.

However, dust build up and damage risk can be significantly reduced by taking simple measures. For example, raising the computer just six inches off the floor can decrease dust intake by up to 80%!

Subsequently, we offer a wide range of CPU holders  designed to elevate your PC tower, which you can view online HERE. From mobile CPU holders to suspending your tower from the underside of the table, we have a range of solutions to accommodate for all set ups.

computer set up. CPU Holders

In enabling users to store their computer tower under the desk, this CPU tower stand also helps to prevent the PC tower from being knocked over and damaged, while promoting a clear and clutter free desktop by freeing up workspace that would otherwise be consumed by the computer tower.

To view our range of CPU holders, click HERE.

Want to know more?

On desk power units, efficient cable management and PC tower suspension are just a few options you can use to instantly improve you computer set up at home. However, these are just the basics that we recommend to get started with. We also offer a much wider range of options to choose from, which you can view on our website HERE.

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, you can find full details online HERE. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our CONTACT US page today!