Create A Home Office With These 5 Essentials

During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of us found ourselves working from home and scrabbling together a makeshift home office space.

But now, with many offices opening back up again, the discussion of working from home is in the spotlight more than ever. And in fact, following it’s success rate over the pandemic, studies have estimated that in the near future we could even see between three to four times as many people working from home as before the pandemic!

So while those temporary office spaces may soon be being dismantled, it is worth bearing in mind that you may find yourself working from home again sooner than you think! So, with working from home becoming a possibility sooner rather than later,  we’ve decided to help you get ahead of the game and get those all important home office essentials in place.

Working from home

1. Desks

Every home office needs a desk, but with so many options available, where do you start?

Well, we offer a wide range desks that are perfect for home office use. From folding desks, cantilever desks and bench desks, to pull out desks, sit standard desks and more!

We’ve already written a blog on how to find your perfect office desk, along with the options we sell. Click HERE and head on over there now to find your new desk.

Bench Desks.JPG

2. Chairs

Needless to say, you’ll need a comfy office chair to sit on while ploughing through those piles of paperwork. Here at BOX15, we offer a wide range of ergonomic office chairs designed to provide maximum comfort and support, while promoting correct posture over those long hours at your desk; helping to prevent any unnecessary tension or aches and pains.

Office Chairs

3. Lamps & Lighting

It’s always better to bright up your home office through natural lighting where possible. However, it’s useful to have that extra light source at your desk; particularly during those long, dark winter days.

Our sister site BPF offers a slim range of lighting, but nothing compares to their stylish new Pendant Ceiling Light & Power Socket.

This innovative pendant ceiling light and power socket provides both UK power and dimmable LED lighting, neatly combined within a single unit.

Lamps & Lighting

To view the Pendant Ceiling Light & Power Socket, click HERE.

4. Shelves, Storage & Partitions

Shelving and partitions add depth, tidiness and organisation to your workspace. Here at BOX15, we’ve unearthed an elegant and eye-catching range that combines shelving with a partition system for the perfect all in one!

The VL, GL and OL modular shelving / partition systems are designed give you complete control; offering a contemporary and unique style to your work space. This shelving provides adequate spacing to store and display files, paperwork, display and ornamental materials.

The VL, GL and OL modular shelving / partition systems also allow you to separate one office space into two. Whether you’re looking to create two offices in one room or one office and a lounge area, these stylish partition systems put the option in your hands.

VL, GL and OL

To view our range of shelving and partition systems, click HERE.

5. Pedestals & Under Desk Drawers

Here at BOX15, we offer a range of pedestals and under desk drawers to choose from. From the standard metal pedestals typically found in offices, to wooden pedestals that provide a warmer and more elegant alternative for home offices.

Pedestals are essential for keeping your work space clear and clutter free, while providing storage for files and paperwork. They also provide additional worktop space to position a small printer or an office lamp.

Wooden Pedestal

To view our range of Pedestals & under desk drawers, click HERE.

You’re all set!

These are the bare essentials for getting your home office up and running; and once you have these basics, you’re all set and ready to go!

You can then enjoy adding those little extras to make your office space more practical and suited to you.

Some of our most popular accessories for office and home office set ups include in desk power options, which you can view here:

Want to know more?

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