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We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new Desktop Sit Stand Workstation range! These desktop adjustable workstations are new, innovative pieces of office furniture designed as an alternative to sit-stand desking.

Desktop Sit Stand Workstation | 600mm Wide26

26Desktop Sit Stand Workstation. 600mm Wide

Desktop Sit Stand Workstation | 800mm Wide

Desktop Sit Stand Workstation. 800mm Wide

How do they work?

The desktop sit stand workstation simply sits on top of your desk. It then effectively converts it into a height adjustable desk, without any amendments required to your existing desk. Subsequently offering a simple, easy and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new sit stand desk!

To operate the sit stand adjustment from sitting to standing height, there is a simple pull mechanism. This pull mechanism is gas spring assisted, so you can adjust the height quickly and with ease.

What are the benefits?

Sit stand desks have been surging in popularity across the UK following a range of beneficial health links. The sit-stand feature can help to promote positive posture, while preventing and alleviating lower back pain; in addition to other conditions associated with extended periods of sitting.

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They have also been linked with improved creativity, pro-activity and work efficiency. However, if you’ve been looking for a sit stand desk, you’ll know the prices can be eye watering!

Cue the new range of innovate sit stand work stations! They offer all of the benefits of a sit stand desk and are available for just half the price! They simply stand on top of your existing desk and are ready for immediate use. Effectively, they convert any regular desk into a sit stand desk in next to no time!

How much can the Desktop Sit Stand Workstations hold?

They comprise of a heavy-duty steel frame with MFC tops; designed to endure and withstand the stresses and strains of everyday workloads. However, they are primarily designed to hold your monitor and accompanying keyboard.

Sit Stand Desks

We also offer a comprehensive range of sit stand desks; all at competitive rates. From manual and electronically operated, to single and back-to-back options, we have a range of designs to suit you!

Sit Stand Desks

Whether you’re looking to stay on your toes and make the most of the associated health benefits, or simply wanting to update your office for a modern new look, why not check out our range HERE!

Want to know more?

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