Folding Shelf Brackets | NEW RANGE

Here at BOX15, we’re pleased to introduce our brand-new range of folding shelf brackets / drop-leaf brackets!

We offer a wide range of brackets that cater for a variety of uses; from shelving such as kitchen shelves, bathroom shelves and bedroom shelves to use in garages, living rooms and even as foldaway tables!

Telescopic Folding Shelf Brackets

Telescopic Folding Shelf Brackets

This innovative folding shelf bracket has a stylish, telescopic mechanism that is perfectly suited for drop leaves, workbenches and tables.

Manufactured from anodized aluminium, this folding bracket is highly durable and able to withstand heavy load capacities, despite its slim and elegant finish!

With its robust yet stylish design, this folding bracket can be used anywhere and for a wide range of applications. From cramped ship bunks, cabins on commercial vehicles and hospital trolleys, to shops, offices and home office set ups; these telescopic folding brackets are the perfect solution!

Other areas include laundry rooms, living rooms and garages. Recent applications have also included mobile homes and caravans.

To swing open, lift the top up into position and the telescopic mechanism will click-lock into place. To close, simply release the catch and slightly lift the outer edge of the board and simultaneously press the supports’ outer part of the tube with a finger and downfold the tabletop.

Technical details:

  • Tube diameter: Ø20 OR Ø25mm
  • For Shelf depths: 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm
  • Load rated
  • Material:  Aluminium (AA6061)
  • Available in Silver or Black
  • Treatment: Natural anodized
  • Slim, elegant & compact design

Folding Shelf Bracket

Folding Shelf Brackets

This stylish folding shelf bracket/drop-leaf bracket has a robust and durable mechanism that offers multiple uses. As with the ‘Telescopic Folding Shelf Brackets’, this unit is quick and easy to install and has a high load capacity.

Our L200 and L300 options are perfect for use as shelving; from kitchen shelves, bathroom shelves and bedroom shelves to garages, living rooms and more, this bracket provides the perfect storage solution, particularly in areas with limited spaces.

Our L390 option is not only perfect for shelving (as with the above options) but it can also be used to provide a fold out desk/workstation.

Once wall mounted, the Folding Bracket can be easily lifted up and click-locked into position. When no longer required, the clicklock can be released with push leavers and lowered away.

Technical details:

  • For shelf depths: 200mm, 300mm, 390mm
  • The maximum load capacity of the shelf top using two brackets spaced 600mm apart from each other is 100kg.
  • The Folding Bracket has a Safety and Strength Attestation in accordance with PN-EN 12521: 2009 and PN-EN 15372: 2010

JUST Fold Out Table | 750mm | Frame Only

Just Fold Out Table

JUST is a fold out table system that enables a top to be folded out from the wall. Perfect for use as breakfast table, coffee table, peninsula table, snack table or as an additional kitchen countertop.

We offer 2 JUST Fold Out Table options:

JUST Fold Out Table | 750mm | Frame Only: This model is the ‘standard’ option, and so isn’t supplied with a soft close piston for the leg.  This system is just as functional without it, but the piston will provide the leg with some resistance when swinging down, which some customers prefer.

JUST Fold Out Table | 750mm | Frame Only | Soft Opening: This model is supplied with an integrated gas piston. Subsequently, you just have to set the leg in place, rather than it swinging open heavily.

We list the frame only, as most of our customers prefer to use their own tops to match shelves, worktops and other surrounding décor. Therefore, all you need to add is the top of your choice and then you have a versatile table top or worktop; perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, laundry rooms and offices.

Technical Details:

  • Minimum wall / mounting surface required: 40mm
  • Table/Worktop depth: 750mm
  • Recommended Top Thickness: 80mm
  • Load Capacity: 100kg Evenly Distributed
  • Standard frame finish: Inox Bronzino
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Manual leg extension

Want to know more?

For more information, please see the range here HERE. Alternatively, if you have any questions that you cannot find the answer to online, get in touch via out CONTACT US page today!