GHOST GLASS | Sliding Door System

Within our elegant range of internal sliding door mechanisms, we offer the The GHOST GLASS Concealed Internal Sliding Door Mechanism. This is an ‘invisible’ mechanism designed for glass doors; hidden from view regardless of the door being open or closed!

Improved space & lighting

This system allows rooms to feel more open and bright, as it is designed specifically for glass doors; subsequently maximizing natural light and offering outdoor views. Additionally, it also doesn’t require the same space that would otherwise be consumed by a hinged door.

Concealed Mechanism

The GHOST GLASS Concealed Mechanism is attached to the glass by clamping it in place. This allows for the sliding door system to run as smoothly as it would with any other door material. Consequently, without causing damage to the glass door itself!

The invisible, built-in system is all concealed within a stylish aluminium carter. This subtle covering hides the mechanism without drawing attention away from the attractiveness of the door.

How to install a sliding door mechanism | GHOST

We have published a helpful demonstration video below, showing how the GHOST GLASS Sliding Door System works, combined with a step by step guide of how to install it:

The GHOST GLASS  includes everything required to make the sliding system. Therefore, all you need to do add the door of your choice to complete the mechanism!

Technical data & information:

We provide a range of technical data, including installation instructions along with information on the wheel system. Furthermore, we also provide a dimensional drawing, which you can view HERE.

If you would like to read more and get full details on the GHOST GLASS, click HERE.

We also offer a range alternative sliding door systems; allowing to find the perfect design for your decor. Options include:

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