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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of us found ourselves working from home and scrabbling together a makeshift office space. And, among the many alternatives we’ve seen, one thing that has proven consistently difficult to replicate is a suitable home office desk!

We’ve seen overturned laundry baskets in place of static desks. Recycling bins in place of standing desks. And, perhaps the most creative idea yet, an ironing board used as a height adjustable desk…

Now, while we appear to be heading towards the end of the pandemic here in the UK, and those temporary office spaces may soon be being dismantled, the hot topic of remote working continues to be stoked.

In fact, it is estimated that in the not so distant future, we could see up to three to four times as many people working from home as before the pandemic! So, with working from home in the near future becoming a possibility,  we’ve decided to help you get ahead of the game.

So, what options are there?

Whether you’re tapping away on a keyboard or ploughing through piles of paperwork, having a desktop space is essential for any home office. But which desk suits you and your needs?

Here, we’ll guide you through our options to help you find the right home office desk for you.

Folding Desks

As per the name, these desks are easily unfolded and ready for immediate use. When no longer required, they can then be folded up, stacked and stowed away; taking up minimal room.

View our range of folding desks HERE.

Folding Desk

Cantilever Desks

Cantilever desks are distinguishable by their eye catching cantilever shape. The Cantilever design boasts a beam supported only at one end, with the load bearing on the overhang. Notably, these are recognizable by the clear space underneath the horizontal beam, with no extra columns or bracing needed for support.

Generally, these come as standard straight Cantilever office desks, or with the option of a return extension to create a corner desk / L-shaped desk with returns.

View our range of Cantilever Office Desks HERE!

Cantilever Office Desks

Bench Desks

Bench desks are the classic office desk and can be found throughout offices globally, in a range of shapes and sizes.

However, our innovative range of bench desks  all use a modular frame system which sets them aside from any other! The modular design allows the frame to be made into pretty much any size required. So, no matter how big or small your office spacer is, we’ll have an option for you!

The options we offer are:

Bench Desks.JPG

Pull Out Desks

Alternatively, if you’re short on space; pull out desks may be the perfect solution! This is because they sit hidden away behind a drawer front when not in use. However, whenever needed they are simply pulled out and instantly provide desk top/worktop space.

View our range Pull Out Desks HERE!

Evolution XL 39

Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desks

A sit stand desk is a height adjustable desk which can be adjusted to either a sitting or standing height. The height adjustment is either manually or electronically operated.

Sit stand desks are also currently booming in popularity! This is because they allow you to vary your position throughout the day and alternate between sitting and standing, which can help to prevent and even alleviate neck and lower back pain; among many other health issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Studies have also shown that utilizing the sit-stand feature and alternating between sitting and standing can even improve circulation, concentration, productivity and even creativity!

View our range of Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desks HERE!

Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desks

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