NEW | In Desk Power Grommet + USB 5V

We’ve just added an exciting new product to our range of grommet fit in-desk power modules!

This In-Desk Power Grommet operates as a power & USB 5V charging module; neatly combined within a single unit. It is also designed to fit into an industry standard Ø60mm hole, thus making it easy to fit, update or replace pre-existing grommets.

In Desk Power Grommet + USB 5V

Grommet fit | In-desk power & USB charging

Offering easily accessible in-desk power and USB charging without the cable and wiring clutter; this module is perfect for home and office use.

Available in matte black or matte white as standard; both of these colour options fit subtly into almost any work surface so users wont need to spend hours trying to find the right colour match, either works perfectly!

In Desk Power Grommet + USB 5V.2

Low profile & flush fit available

As standard, this product has a 2mm protrusion from the surface and so does not naturally sit flush with the worktop. However, they can also be flush fitted if preferred, simply by making a double cut to the fitting surface.

This In-Desk Power Grommet also features an easily adjustable screw collar. This collar allows for it to be fitted and tightened into desks, tables and worktops with thicknesses of up to 50mm!

60mm In Desk Power Grommet + USB 5V

Key features

This In-Desk Power Grommet is small, compact and durable in design while offering a neat list of useful features, as shown below:

  • 1 x socket (UK 13A) –
  • 1 x USB (5v 2,1A)
  • Mains to power grommet cable (2 meters)
  • *Fits standard Ø60mm dia. hole

High in quality, low in cost

While the majority of in-desk power modules come at a premium; this new In-Desk Power Grommet + USB 5V comes at a remarkably affordable price, without sacrificing the premium quality. And with even further reductions available on larger quantities, why look any further?

Want to know more?

Head on over to the product page HERE for full details and pricing. However, if you have a question than you can’t find an answer to, or simply want to know more, you can contact us HERE!

Other In-desk power options available

While the In Desk Power Grommet + USB 5V is perfect for  providing power and USB charging, we also have a wide range of alternative in-desk power options (including Ø80mm) available online HERE.