KABA 35 Cable Chain | NEW PRODUCT

Here at BOX15, we’re pleased to introduce our innovative new KABA 35 cable chain, available in 760mm or 1240mm:

KABA 35 Cable Chain

Each chain cell is manufactured from PP (+bio HDPE) and has a slender diameter of just 35mm, with a cross-section for separating power and data cables; making it the perfect cable management solution for offices and home office set ups.

Due to it’s slick yet durable design, KABA 35 is beneficial for numerous reasons. These include neatly combining multiple cables into a single cable tidy, and protecting the cables (and connecting equipment) against damage. The protective casing also helps to prevent wear and tear, subsequently prolonging cable life while reducing possible trips hazards.

KABA 35 Cable Chain | Modular Design

The KABA 35 cable management system is modular in design. This means you can add/remove cable chain cells to create any length required!

Subsequently, you can remove any excess length from the cable trunking if you are using it on static desks. However, the KABA 35 was designed for use with modern, ergonomic sit stand desks and height adjustable workstations in mind.

Consequently, KABA 35 operates using a caterpillar track-like system; comprising of multiple circular chain links with twin-cell compartments which makes it particularly suited to use with sit stand desks. As such, the cable snake naturally adjusts and ravels/unravels simultaneously with the height of the adjustable desk.

The modular aspect also features a wide variety of cable management accessories, all designed to complement each other, which you can view HERE.

We also list complete kits that are available in the 2 sizes below:

KABA 35 Cable Chain | See how it works

To see how the modular system works, check out the short video below:

Want to know more?

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