Kitchen Transformables & Pull Out Kitchen Tables Range Brochure

We have just published a brand new PDF range brochure pdf showcasing our full range of kitchen transformables including pull out kitchen tables and pull out breakfast bar systems.

As we have continued to grow the range with new frames, sizes and options we thought it would handy for customers to be able to see a full list of all the options in one place; something which shows all the key information regarding the load rating, available cabinet width options and the extension of each system. The brochure stplits the transformables in to 3 categories; Worktop / Shelf Extensions, Pull out / fold out tables and Pull out / slide out breakfast bars & tables.

Worktop / Shelf Extensions

Our worktop & shelf extension frames are used to create additional worktop and shelf space on existing units as and when its required – perfect for smaller kitchens with limited space. These are all designed to finish flush with the worktop or shelf above creating a seamless and consistent extension.

FLIP TOP Pull Out Kitchen Worktop Extension
OPLA FOLDING Pull Out Kitchen Shelf Extension
OPLA SHELF Pull Out Shelf Extension
OPLA TOP Kitchen Worktop Extension

Pull Out / Fold Out Tables

The pull out / fold out tables are economic space saving systems that allow a kitchen table to be extracted from a comparment usually containing a drawer. These have been designed to allow small kitchens to use a kitchen table as and when its needed, which folds away neatly behind a drawer front when not in use to save space. We have a range of sizes and styles available; everything from small tables perfect for meal prep or having breakfast for one right up to long tables which can comfortably seat 4 people for dinner.

The pull out / fold out tables are split in to 2 sub categories;

Free Standing Tables –

These are “floating” tables that have full unhindered access from all sides and are still load rated.


DESK Fold Out Table Top


COCKTAIL Pull Out Kitchen Table
LUNCH Pull Out Kitchen Table
Brunch Pull Out Kitchen Table
Homework Pull Out Table Frame
BREAKFAST Pull Out Kitchen Table
PRUA Pull Out Ironing Board

Pull Out Kitchen Tables with Support Leg

These tables have the added benefit of a telescopic support let to add extra strength and load rating (up to 100kg, evenly distributed).

T-ABLE & T-BENCH Pull Out Kitchen Table and Seat
EVOLUTION Pull Out Table
PARTY Pull Out Kitchen Table

We also offer a “+39” range of the pull out tables which are modified versions that only require 390mm of cabinet depth as opposed to the full sized ones requiring around 540mm (depending on frame).

Slide out Breakfast Bar / Kitchen Island Tops

Our pull out breakfast bar systems create Ad-Hoc breakfast bars on kitchen islands and kitchen peninsulas and can even be used to conceal a hob and sink below. The range has been designed to conceal the mechanism from view.

SNACK and BREAKFAST also come in fully motorised versions which are operated with a remote control.

BREAKFAST TOP Sliding Breakfast Bar Table
EDGE Slide Out Breakfast Bar Table
SLIDE Sliding Breakfast Bar


SNACK Slide Out Breakfast Bar Kitchen Island

To see our online PDF of the full range click here.

And for more information on the range including prices, fitting instructions, technical data and videos for each table – click here