Mobile Standing Desk Frame | NEW PRODUCT

At BOX15, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new Mobile Standing Desk Frame!

Mobile Standing Desk Frame

Height adjustable desks are growing in popularity across offices and home office set ups throughout the UK Following the enormous success of sit stand desks across Scandinavia, with an estimated 90% of office workers now using them; and as such, the market is now booming and bursting at the seams with different options; so what makes this sit stand desk frame different from the rest?

This innovative mobile standing desk frame has an ergonomic design that allows users to effortlessly adjust the height from 680 – 1130mm so that you can set your optimal working height with ease. But this is where the similarities end!

The central beam of the desk frame is also telescopic, with a width ranging from 1100 – 1600mm so that you can adjust to size you require!

What’s more, is that it is also has integrated castors on the base of the front legs. These casters let you move the desk with ease and don’t compromise on the stability.

Electronic Height Adjustment

The height adjustment from 680 – 1130mm is operated electronically using the handset provided. This handset has ‘up’ and ‘down’ function keys to that you can easily adjust the tabletop to your preferred height.

The handset also has 4 memory keys which lets you to find and save up to 4 different heights. Once you’ve saved your desired height, you can then simply press the numbered key and the desk will automatically move to the saved position.

Mobile Standing Desk Frame

Sit-Stand Desks

It’s recommended that you take frequent breaks from sitting. This is because sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a risk to your health in various ways. Consequently, utilizing the sit stand feature allows you to break up prolonged hours of sitting and alternate between sitting and standing.

Using the sit stand option can also help to improve circulation, concentration and productivity, while even reducing fatigue and strain on your neck and back.

Click HERE to read more on the health benefits of sit stand desks.

Mobile Standing Desk Frame

Need A Desktop? We’ve Got It Covered!

This kit is for the height adjustable sit-stand desk frame only and does not include the top. However, we also offer a wide range of made to order wooden desk tops which you can view online HERE.

Computer. Desk Top

Height Adjustable Stools

Here at BOX15, we also offer an elegant new range of height adjustable stools, designed specifically for use with sit stand desks.

These sit stand stools can be adjusted to accommodate for both sitting and standing. Subsequently, this helps to promote upright posture by engaging your core and easing strain on your lower back. Perfect as an adjustable height chair in offices or a height adjustable lab stool.

To view our range of height adjustable stools, click HERE.

Mobile Standing Desk Frame

What other sit stand desks are available?

We offer a wide range of sit stand desks, with options for both single and multiple users. There is also a variety of sizes and finishes available so that you can find the perfect sit stand desk for your working environment!

To view the full range, click HERE!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, you can head on over and view this mobile standing desk frame online HERE. Alternatively, you can contact us HERE either over the phone or our live chat service.