Modular desk frames | How they work

Modular desk systems are a relatively modern concept, with popularity soaring due to their versatile nature.  Their rise in recognition is largely down to their modular desk design, which allows them to be configured to a wide range of widths, lengths and heights. And, as a company we list the option of a return extension, allowing users to create an L shaped desk; particularly useful for corner tables or where space is restricted!

The versatility of modular frames make them perfect for a wide range of uses and appliances. Thus, making them perfect for domestic, office and educational layout use (just to name a few). But how does the modular desk system work?

As shown in the image below, the X2, X3 & XD2 are all modular in design; and what makes them modular is that they all share the same beams and blades as each other:

Modular Desk Frames


The blades (as shown in the image below, highlighted in red) allow the beam and the leg(s) to be connected, reconfigured and even daisy chained together to create longer table runs!

Modular Desk Frames

This modular aspect allows for the frames to be made in to pretty much any shape or size desk. We do list the standard options, but if you have a specific requirement then contact us and we can work out what it is you need to create you required configuration.

See it in action here:

X2 Cantilever modular desk

Due to the modular design, the X2 Cantilever desks  can be adapted into long runs or L-shaped desks with returns.

With regular tables and desking, daisy chaining and reconfiguring desk frames can seem like an overwhelming and time consuming idea. However, the X2 Cantilever desks are remarkably easy to assemble! We provide them with all of the required tools and fixings, so all you need to do it slot them together!

X2 Cantilever Desk Frame

XD2 Modular Conference Meeting Tables

The XD2 conference meeting tables are also versatile and modular. This aspect makes them suitable for a wide choice of desk and table top shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, barrel etc. thus making it perfect for use as premium meeting room / board room tables, or easily adjusted for use as individual desks.

XD2 Conference and Meeting Table

X3 Modular Bench Desks

Another range that we offer is the X3 Bench desks. They are available in a wide range of configurable widths, lengths and can be connected for back-to-back bench systems. Similar to the X2 Cantilever desks, these can also be connected into long runs; perfect for multi-personnel office environments.

X3 Modular Bench Desks

All of these modular desk frames are easy to install and reconfigure as required, and all of them come with all fixings and tools required to complete the set up.

Design & configure your own!

We’ve put together a really useful desk builder tool, which you can try out HERE. This desk builder tool allows you to pick a frame, choose a size, frame colour, desk / table top and then choose a top colour; so you can mix and match to find your perfect table or desking, prior to purchasing!

Need a new top for your frame?

You can browse the full range of desks and tables (frames, tops or combined) by clicking HERE. Alternatively, if you have your own frame and need a new top custom made, browse the full range HERE!

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

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