Motorised Pop Up Socket | NEW PRODUCT

Here at BOX15, we’re pleased to introduce our new Motorised Pop Up Socket!

Motorised Pop Up Socket

Fully Motorised Opening & Closing

In contrast to our range of Milan pop up sockets in which you ‘pop up’ the unit and then draw it into position; this automatic pop-up power tower has a built-in motorised pop up mechanism. Simply press the button on top and the mechanism automatically extends it into position.

Motorised Pop Up Socket

Where can it be used?

The Motorised Pop Up Socket has been developed to accommodate for both home and office appliances. Subsequently providing UK power, USB and QI charging all combined within a single unit.

The comprehensive design of this pop up socket also boasts a number of other built in features. These include a stylish blue LED QI light which comes on when charging.  There is also an anti-pinching system which prevents trapped fingers and other small objects when closing. The rubber seals provide an IP44 rating (when closed), making the unit suitable for kitchen use. The module is then elegantly finished in brushed chrome, completing a stylish addition to any worktop.

The combination of style, configuration and motorisation provides the perfect all in one solution for domestic and commercial use. Perfect for office desks, meeting tables and kitchens (please consider fuse / power limitations).

Motorised Pop Up Socket

See how it works:

Motorised Pop Up Socket  | Key features:

  • Power Sockets: 2 x 16A sockets, 230V sockets to power electrical appliances or charge electronic products
  • USB: 2 x USB of 5V, 2A maximum, providing charge for smartphones or tablets
  • QI Charging: Certified Qi charging of 5W. Based on the top of the product, providing charge to Qi compatible devices, such as smartphones.
  • LED Light: Transparent ring on top so LED blue lighting is visible during QI charging
  • A blue LED light indicates the function, and flashes if there is an error.
  • IP44 Rated: Rubber seals provide an IP44 rating (when closed).
  • Anti-trapping / pinching: The motorised mechanism has a built-in protection that prevents fingers getting pinched when closing the product.
  • Top Design: Includes the switch, LED and anti-slip surface. Simply tap the switch and unit will automatically pop up. When finished, tap the switch again and it will automatically retract.
  • Operation: Motorised opening & closing mechanism

Want to know more?

*PLEASE NOTE: Stock is not available until June 2021 at the earliest. Click ‘Notify me’ on the product page to sign up for stock notifications and to be alerted when this item becomes available. Alternatively, please feel free to place a pre-order now to get the first available stock!

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, you can find full product details on the Motorised Pop Up Socket HERE. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our CONTACT US page today.