NEW RANGE: Office Chairs & Seating

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new range of chairs and seating! We know it can take hours to sift through a seemingly endless list of chairs and office furniture, just trying to find that 1 that meets your every need; but here at BOX15 we’ve put in the hours, done the research and picked out the best of the bunch for you, offering you some of the best seating available in today’s market. From Meeting and Executive chairs to Operator, Posture & 24-hour seating, we’re confident you’ll find your new office chairs and seating among our fresh range of office furniture.

Meeting room seating:

Meeting room seating

Our new range of meeting and conference chairs are available in a choice of styles, colours and configurations. With this diverse range of meeting chairs, we’re confident in providing you with the perfect piece of furniture to match your office interior, whether it be an executive boardroom or a vibrant breakout setting.

You have the option to choose from a range of unique features and textiles, from mesh backing to soft ribbed covering, you’ll be sure to find the most suitable seating for your meeting room HERE.


Executive Chairs:

Executive seating

Our range of executive seating is perfect for managerial, executive and boardroom areas. Offering firm support while maintaining simplicity in design is what sets this seating apart from traditional office seating.

These executive chairs also include premium features such as a ribbed seat and back with soft leather facings, tension control and chrome armrests with leather arm sleeves. View our full range of executive chairs HERE.

Executive seating.2

Operator, Posture & 24-hour seating:


Our Metron posture support range features a synchro mechanism with independent forward seat tilt, back angle adjustment and multi-position lock, providing a smooth recline and ultimately preventing the rocking chair effect.

This range is also ergonomically designed, enabling customers to adjust their body for optimal posture and maximum comfort, all the while reducing the risk of stress or injury to muscles and joints during prolonged use. In addition to this, following a study carried out at the University of Central Lancashire, the Metron chair was found to improve spinal alignment and reduce peak seating pressure.

You can view our full range of Operator, Posture & 24-hour seating HERE.Operature.Chairs.Situ.BOX15

Want to know more? You can view our complete range of office chairs and seating HERE, or simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!