NEW: U-CUBE Modular Furniture

New Product: U-CUBE Modular Furniture System

For furniture, shelving & partitioning 

We’re excited to introduce our new unique and versatile modular furniture system called U-Cube. Similar in style and design to the BUILD Shelving System range and our stunning MAKE/SHIFT Shelving Units, U-CUBE is incredibly light weight and ultra-durable which allows for endless, creative and eye-catching configurations. Available in black or white, allowing you to change and refresh your home and office interior with minimal effort.

Comprising of 2 components with adjustable connectors, this unique Parisian design allows you to construct a variety of shapes and sizes to create the perfect interior. Whether it be wall / stacked shelving, partitioning or seating you need, U-Cube can be connected to accommodate for all.

U-CUBE Key Features:

  • Each module weighs only 400g
  • Available in black and white (as standard, other colours may be available on request subject to minimum order quantities)
  • Connectors Available in black and white (as standard, other colours may be available on request subject to minimum order quantities)
  • Water, chemical & bacteria resistant
  • Diamond-like fabric pattern
  • Made from a high-performance plastic foam (ARPRO EPP)
  • 100% recyclable

U-CUBE dimensions



Available in black or white, U-CUBE offers a unique elegance both in your home and office, making your furniture, shelving and partitioning into a unique focal point.


U-CUBE can be stacked and joined together to bring effortless style to the office and home. This style of partitioning allows for quick and easy rearrangement, guaranteed to look sleek no matter how you arrange your layout.

Perfect for social spaces and contemporary open offices.


435mm in height and 460mm width, the U-CUBE makes for perfect furniture and seating. It can be used as a single seat or connected to bring a creative style to extended seating.

Free standing & Wall shelves

Designed in Paris, this innovative modular furniture system can be easily shaped, joined and wall mounted for a modern look that offers style to any back drop in your working or home environment.


U-CUBE is not limited to indoor use. Water, chemical and bacteria resistant, U-CUBEs’ lightweight and durable design allows for it to be taken outside for an inspired take on your outside Décor. U-Cube Low res.4


Pre order yours online today by clicking on the following link: U-CUBE Modular Furniture System

*Available for delivery from January 2019.


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