Here at BOX15, we offer a wide range of office desk styles; from cantilever desks, conference tables, and meeting tables, to sit stand desks, office bench desks and more! All available in a variety of complimentary finishes for all desk top colours.

Cantilever Desks

Cantilever desks are among the most popular office desks around, due to the overall style, durability and adaptability. These desks are distinguishable by their cantilever structure; which is a beam supported only at one end, with the load bearing on the overhang. Notably, these are recognizable by the clear space underneath the horizontal beam, with no  extra columns or bracing for support:

Cantilever Desk

At BOX15, we offer a range of contemporary Cantilever desks called the ‘X2’. The entire X2 range is perfect for the home or office/workplace, and with X2 you have the choice of a standard straight Cantilever office desk, or the option of a return extension to create an ‘L’ shape/corner desk with returns.

Beam & Bench Desk Systems

A bench desk refers to a single frame that is shared by multiple tops. These can be conjoined to create a longer desk top run, making them suitable for call center and multi personnel office environments, where flexibility and adaptability is essential. An added bonus is that they are generally more cost and space efficient than single user desks, as you can have more users to the same desk spacing.

X3 Beam & Bench Desking Systems

X3 is perfect for expanding and multi-personnel office environments, especially where adaptability and flexibility are key. This is because (as with the whole ‘X’ range) the X3 is a modular design that can be used as either individual desks or as a back-to- back bench systems. Subsequently, they can also be made into long runs, with or without a gap for screens / modesty panels.


X73 Bench Desk Frames

X73 can also be used as either an individual desk or linked to form a back-to-back bench desk system into long runs; also with the option of having a gap for screens or modesty panels.

X73 Bench Desk

They are available in either All Metal (in a range of colour finishes) or with stunning, elegant Wooden Insert Legs; offering an eye-catching design like no other!

X73 Bench Desk

Conference, Boardroom & Meeting Tables

Conference tables and meeting tables are available in a wide range of styles and configurations; allowing you to find the perfect piece for those all-important conference meetings. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right one. This is why we’ve put in the hours and can proudly present our modular range in a variety of finishes to match any decor!

XD2 Conference Tables & Meeting Tables

XD2 is our stunning range of executive conference and meeting tables. The XD2 uses a splayed leg design, setting it aside from regular desks.

These are predominantly used for large premium meeting room / boardroom / conference tables. However, they can also be used as an individual executive desk, by using just 4 legs.

The modular frame system works in tandem with a range of desk tops; from Rectangular, Square and Round, to Oval, Barrel and even asymmetrical. Furthermore, the XD2 frame is finished in painted white or bright chrome as standard. Subsequently complimenting any choice of desk top!

XD2 Conference Tables. Meeting Tables

PEAK Meeting & Boardroom Tables

PEAK uses self-supporting meeting table legs which create a unique meeting / boardroom table. This frame allows for (optional) cable management trays to fit between the table legs.

The design of the legs means multiple sets can be used in a run to create extra-long/extended tables. The design of the self-supported legs themselves is for use with thick tops (e.g. 35-40mm).


Sit Stand Desks | Height Adjustable

sit stand desk (also known as stand up desk) is a height adjustable desk which can be adjusted to become either a sitting or standing height, manually or electronically. These desks help to keep you on your toes and have been designed to avoid and relieve problems associated with prolonged sitting time.

Our height adjustable sit stand desk range is available in a wide choice of sizes and finishes, with single and back to back options available as standard. We also offer our range of (made-to-order) wooden tops to complete the desk.

Crank Sit Stand Desk Frame

Our office desk range

The majority of our desk frames are Italian designed and manufactured; using a patented modular frame system. This means that you won’t find any other office desks like them anywhere else! Aside from the sit stand desks, they are all modular in design and easy to assemble; supplied with all fixings and tools require to complete the frame!

We also offer a wide range of tops in various sizes and finishes, although these are not limited to the options we list! Alternative sizes, finishes and configurations may be available on request, and so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us HERE!