Omni Power Banks & Power Station

Here at BOX15, we’re please to introduce our new Omni range of power banks; including the Omni 20+ 220v Power Bank, Omni 20c+ USB-C Power Bank and Omni Power Station | 5 Bay:

Omni 20+ 220v Power Bank

The Omni 20+ power bank is portable and lightweight, with the ability to power several different devices; including cameras, mobile phones, tablets,  laptops, and more. This innovative charger is equipped with five different charging methods to provide a flexible and convenient power solution, including:

High-powered 100W AC outlet

Adjustable DC output

Two QC 3.0 compatible USB-A ports

60W bi-directional USB-C port

Fast wireless charging

To view the The Omni 20+ 220V power bank online, click HERE.

Omni 20c+ USB-C Power Bank

The Omni 20c+ brings you one step closer to a world where a single port can be used to charge laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and more. It’s a powerful USB-A and USB-C power bank that provides rapid, seamless, and safe data transfer without juggling multiple accessories.

Lightning-fast charging of your USB-C devices with quick & safe data transfer for files and media like photos, videos, and music. With an Omni 20c+, you only need one device to get the job done. Wireless charging means you may not even need to take your charging cable for some devices.

100W USB-C

60W USB-C Hub

2x 18W USB-A

10W Wireless

To view the The Omni 20c+ USB-C power bank online, click HERE.

Omni Power Station | 5 Bay

The 5-bay Omni Power Station is designed for today’s forward-thinking organizations that understand the need to provide portable power access to people so they can stay powered anywhere; on or off-site without being tethered to fixed infrastructure constraints.

This power station comes with 5 smart portable chargers which can easily be deployed and fully recharged in just 3 hours. Each portable charger is equipped with a multitude of charging options such as USB A, USB C, AC output, DC input/output, QI wireless charging and an OLED display screen, which capable of powering devices such as cameras, smartphones, tables and laptops; making it perfect for public and co-working spaces such as working offices, universities, schools and libraries.

The Omnicharge Power Station is also built on a powerful software platform allowing you to seamlessly manage and control all your Power Stations from the same dashboard. As such, you are able to track which individuals have taken out which power bank at what time, and then keep a record of who’s checking them back in.

To view the The Omni Power Station online, click HERE.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to know more, you can find our full range Omni power banks HERE. Alternatively, you can also get in touch via our CONTACT US page today.