Pull Out Shelf Extension OPLA Now available with Stainless Steel Top

When we launched our range of pull out kitchen tables and worktop extensions we offered a carefully selected range of sizes and options – since then we have been working away over time expanding the range to include many more styles, sizes and frames to suit even more applications and customer requirements.

We now have:

  • 17 drawer front pull out tables frames (which are sold as frame only, so customers just need to add their own top to complete).
  • 6 Pull out table frames which are sold complete with top included
  • 5 sliding top frames / pull out breakfast bar frames which allow customers to create a breakfast bar / table by sliding out their worktop.
  • 8 +39 Drawer front pull out kitchen tables which are modified versions designed to be used in smaller spaces, only requiring 390mm cabinet depth.

Brunch Pull Out Kitchen Table

In most cases customers want the table top to match their kitchen worktop which is why all the pull out table frames are available as frame only to allow customers to source their own top to suit the environment around it. Full details for the top sizes and hole placements etc are available for each table on the fitting instructions, which can be found under the technical data tab of each respective product.

We do also offer a select range of the pull out kitchen tables with a white laminate top included. They are:

  • T-ABLE
  • PRUA
  • PARTY (min 10pcs)

We have just added a new option to the range of pull out tables with top included. OPLA SHELF pull out shelf extension  is now available to order with a Stainless Steel Top table (plywood covered in AISI A430 steel). The OPLA SHELF flush shelf extension is available to order for 3 different cabinet widths; 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm.

Opla Shelf With steel top

OPLA SHELF is a system that enables a surface stored underneath a normal shelf in the kitchen or unit to be pulled out. In one quick move, Oplà pulls out and ends up flush with the shelf above. The immediate solution for additional surface in any room.

Within the OPLA range, we offer ‘OPLA’ which pulls out to sit flush with the shelf above, or ‘OPLA Top’ which will pull out and rise up to the height of a worktop.

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