Pull Out Tables

We are pleased to announce we are selling pull out table frames along with the tops and hinges, everything needed to add a space saving table to your kitchen / workspace. Through our sister site BPFonline.co.uk we only sell the pull out table frames by themselves with customers sourcing their own tops to complete them however at BOX15 we are offering the complete set up. Currently this is only available on the “1100” Range and the Ironing Table but we do plan to offer tops for all the pull out tables in the near future so watch this space!

The 1100 series (pictured above) is supplied along with a white laminate top and hinges. Customers still have the option of sourcing their own top for the frames if they want to use a top better suited to their kitchen.

These ingenious pull out tables have been developed to maximise space saving in smaller areas, or where a clutter free environment is required. Designed to sit neatly hidden away behind a drawer front, these tables simply pull out when required.

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Or to shop the frames by themselves click here to jump over to our sister site BPF