SANDWICH Pull Out Counter Top | How It Works

Here are BOX15, we’ve been working hard to expand on our range of stylish pull out drawer front tables. One of our newest additions to this stunning range is the SANDWICH Pull Out Counter Top Extension:

SANDWICH Pull Out Counter Top

What is the SANDWICH Pull Out Counter Top?

SANDWICH is a pull out counter top system that enables a folding extension to be pulled out for a drawer and end up flush with the kitchen worktop / kitchen counter top. The mechanism makes it perfect as a fold away kitchen table or in kitchens with small worktops; SANDWICH guarantees a very useful additional surface area which can also be used as a small table when required. It is also particularly suitable for use in kitchenettes, laundry rooms, offices, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Recent applications have also included mobile homes and caravans!

How does the SANDWICH Pull Out Counter Top Extension work?

As shown below; once fitted, all you need to do is simply press the drawer front in and it will release it, allowing you to slide the mechanism out:

SANDWICH Drawer Front

When pulled out, the 2-part top can be lifted and then folded out on both sides. Once done, the mechanism can then be pushed back to sit flush with the adjacent kitchen counter top.


View the video below to see how to install a SANDWHICH pull out kitchen worktop:

This mechanism is manufactured from durable, anodized aluminium. Not only does this provide strength and durability but also provides a subtle, modern style to any kitchen décor. The colouring of the anodized aluminium also works perfectly alongside any coloured kitchen top, so that you aren’t restricted for choice when choosing your top to go with it.

Not quite what you’re looking for?

You can view our entire range of pull out drawer front tables via our brochure HERE; or online HERE. However, while we list the most popular models available, other options may available on request, subject to MOQ’s.