Sitting & standing adjustable desks:

Adjustable, Sitting or Standing desks:

What would you choose for maximum comfort at work? Perhaps it’s swapping that battered office chair for a big, comfortable bean bag, or clearing your desk of those cables for a nice, clear work top? Maybe, it’s standing at your desk for 7 hours a day? I didn’t think so on that last one either.

Hold on, don’t write it off so soon! There is actually increasing evidence that excessive sitting can cause a number of health issues. Sitting means less moving, slowed metabolism and can affect your body’s ability break down body fat; all of which can lead to possible weight gain and other serious health issues such as potential cardiovascular problems or even increase vulnerability to diabetes.

So… now what?

Well, a study of 146 NHS office workers were provided with adjustable desks which allowed them to sit and stand as desired. This led to a reduction in daily sitting time of over 1 hour after 12 months of use, which may not sound like much but when you consider that you can burn around 130 calories an hour by standing a work, that’s 650 over a 5-day week!

In addition to this, the study also found that employees who were provided with adjustable desks reported better job performance, less anxiety, reduced sickness in the workplace and improved quality of life overall. You can read their full report HERE.

Standing desk

Adjustable desks:

Adjustable desking is growing in popularity here in the UK; they are already booming in Scandinavia where it reported that there over 90% of office workers are using them and in 2014, Denmark made it mandatory for employers to offer their staff sit-stand desks.Adjustable desks

We have a range of height adjustable sit and stand desking here at BOX15, including electronically powered height adjustable desk frames which can be lowered or raised to meet your sitting or standing height, at the flick of a switch! These height adjustable desks are also available in a variety of colours to ensure you can find the perfect colour to match your home or office décor with elegance.Adjustable desks

You can view our full range of height adjustable desks HERE or via the BOX15 website.