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Here at BOX15, we offer a range of elegant wooden table tops; all available in a range of finishes and thicknesses. However, we know that choosing a top isn’t always easy. As a result, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to choose the right table top for you!

What is your table tops’ primary function?

Deciding/knowing what your top is going to be used for will immediately make the decision more straight forward. Subsequently, knowing this will pretty much answer which table top thickness you will need as well.

Table Tops

Which thickness do you need?

We offer a range thicknesses for you to choose from, but is generally based on the use of the table top:

  • 18mm Thick: These thinner tops are generally used for smaller workstations and where the most economical solution is required.
  • 25mm Thick:  Our best selling & most popular thickness! This thickness is perfect for standard operator workstations and suitable for most applications.
  • 36mm Thick: These extra thick tops are mainly used for meeting / boardroom tables where something more substantial is required as a statement piece.

Table Top Thicknesses

What shape do you need?

We have a range of top shapes available; from round or rectangular to square and L-Shaped! So all you need to do is pick a shape and decide on your configuration, using the above recommendations as guidance.

Table Top Banner

Which material do you need?

We’ve already done the hard part for you in deciding which material to use. Namely, the core of our tops is from MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard). We’ve chosen this material because it is strong, durable, heat resistant, performs well following water ingression, and it is very low maintenance; leaving you with the comfortable decision of picking a finish. We have 9 standard options to choose from:

Table Top Finishes

Can’t see the colour/finish that you want/need? Not a problem, we can offer many other finishes and colours on request. Get in touch with us HERE and let us know what you’re looking for!

Is MFC the only option?

Not at all! We well these tops with an MFC core as standard, but if you’d prefer a solid timber table top then get in touch with us HERE, let us know what it is you need and we’ll see what we can do!

Edging included

As standard, our desk and table tops have 2mm thick ABS (Acrylnitril Butadien Styrol) Edging and 2mm radius all round. Subsequently, by default the edging will match the chosen table finish, however other finishes can be selected if required, on request.

Table Top Edging

Cable management & accessories

You can view our wide range of cable management solutions HERE. Within this section you’ll find cable carriers & wire baskets, cable grommets, brush lined furniture slots and cable snakes, spines and umbilical’s.

Need a desk or table frame? We’ve got it covered!

We offer a variety of modular desk and table frames, meaning that you can create almost any shape or size! Subsequently, modular systems include Cantilever Office Desks, Conference Tables & Meeting Tables, Beam and Bench Desking Systems and more! Head on over to view our full range of desk and table frames HERE. Furthermore, why not try out the Desk Builder tool HERE; this allows your to configure your own perfect desk/table!

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, have any questions or simply want to know more, CONTACT US today!