VOILA CHAIR REVERSE Pull Out Table Extension

Here at BOX15, we’re pleased to introduce our new VOILA CHAIR REVERSE Pull Out Table:

VOILA CHAIR REVERSE Pull Out Table Extension

VOILA CHAIR REVERSE is an innovative pull out table extension designed to be installed against a vertical surface such as a wall, kitchen island or kitchen unit. Once fitted, VOILA’ CHAIR REVERSE is perfect for use as a breakfast bar, coffee table or to provide additional kitchen countertop space.

The top can then be extended in order to accommodate for multiples users; working perfectly as a kitchen table or dining table.

What’s new?

In contrast to the VOILA CHAIR Pull Out Table; the VOILA CHAIR REVERSE Pull Out Table top is pulled out and then folded backwards towards the connecting wall / kitchen island / unit.

VOILA CHAIR REVERSE also has a greater top extension than the VOILA CHAIR. VOILA CHAIR extends by 650mm, however VOILA CHAIR REVERSE starts from 1100mm or 1300mm and extends by 1100mm or 1300mm, creating a 2200mm or 2600mm table top.

Where can pull out table extensions be used?

We offer a wide range of pull out table extensions designed to accommodate for all home set ups, however much or little space you have. Our extensive range covers all standard kitchen cabinet and counter top sizes, and beyond; providing additional and multipurpose worktop space whenever required.

For example, VOILA CHAIR REVERSE fold out table offers more than just work top extension; this stylish unit also works perfectly as a pull out snack table or wall mounted breakfast bar table. However, due to VOILA’s comprehensive design, it can be easily extended to be used as a dining room table or kitchen table; ideal for small kitchens, kitchenettes, laundry rooms, mobile homes, caravans and other areas with limited space.

To view our full range of pull out worktop extensions online, click HERE.

What sizes are available?

The VOILA CHAIR REVERSE Pull Out Table is available in 6 different sizes:

  • 700mm Wide x 1100mm Long
  • 700mm Wide x 1300mm Long
  • 800mm Wide x 1100mm Long
  • 800mm Wide x 1300mm Long
  • 900mm Wide x 1100mm Long
  • 900mm Wide x 1300mm Long

And fitting instructions are available under the ‘Technical Data’ tab on every product page:

Technical Details:

  • Load Rated to 100kg (evenly distributed)
  • Frame Material: Aluminium
  • Frame Finish: Natural Anodised Aluminium (Brilliant, on request)
  • Standard Locking system (ensures the table remains in place while fully extended)

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, you can find full product details on our web page HERE. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page HERE.