What is an IP Rating?

What is an IP Rating?

IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ rating and is paired with 2 digits. These indicate an ‘ingress protection’, or ‘IP rating’ against water and solids.

IP ratings are commonly found on electronic equipment or the casing for the electronic equipment; displaying the level of exposure your equipment can withstand from water and solids.

Water Dust IP Rated

How does it work?

Following the ‘IP’ will be 2 numbers; the first number refers to the protections against solids, and the second refers to the protection against water. Subsequently, the higher the number, the higher the protection.

For example, if your equipment is rated to IP54: The 5 refers to the solid object ingress protection, and the 4 refers to the water/condensation ingress protection.

For the levels of IP rating protection in accordance with the number, please view the table below:

IP Rating Guide

We offer a number of products that are IP rated. Particularly, our popular range of MILAN Pop up sockets are all rated to IP54. This means that they offer a degree of protection against dust / dirt ingress, as well as protection against water splashes. Subsequently, this IP rating is perfect for use in kitchens counter tops!

What other products are IP rated?

Pop Up Socket IP Rated

We also offer the V-HIT concealed power module. This is a concealed, compact and versatile power module that can be fitted into soft furnishing. In addition, these modules are also rated to IP54!

*Please be aware that while some of our power sockets are IP rated, they do need to be installed in line with standard building regulations.


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