What is the purpose of cable tray?

Here are BOX15, we offer a wide range of  cable management solutions; but one question we’ve recently been asked is “what is the purpose of a cable tray”? And so we thought we’d write a short blog on what they are and how they work!

Cable Trays


So, what is a cable tray?

A cable tray is a unit or assembly of multiple units / segments that form a safe passage for cables and wiring to run from the power source to the power unit.

Computer cable trays tend to be fitted to the underside of the desktop, (either screw or clamp fixed) and simply suspend the cables  from the underside of the desk, keeping them off the floor and reducing unkempt cabling:

Computer Cables

Subsequently, this improves both office aesthetics and the longevity of the cables, while preventing possible trip hazards and reducing the risk of damage to the connecting power unit.

Some of our options also have an open fronted or perforated design, which helps to prevent against possible fire hazards caused by overcrowding / overheating. The open fronted options also ensure that cables can be quickly and easily accessed, added or removed with minimal effort. Cable trays are also easy to clean, maintain and take little time to install.

It is a combination of these practical features that makes cable trays the perfect cable management solution for offices, home office set ups, libraries, universities, schools and other areas with excess cables and wiring.

What cable trays do we offer?

Under Desk Cable Tray | 1100mm & 1470mm Long

This stylish and durable under desk unit is designed to be fixed to the underside of the desktop; offering a cable management system that is perfect for office environments.

The tray is made from metal and supplied with metal fixings that are screwed into the underside of the desktop. Each fixing has a hook on either side which the cable tray is then suspended from.

The hooks on the metal fixings offer 2 mounting methods for the cable tray. The first option is to mount it in a closed position, achieved by utilizing all of the mounting hooks which will completely enclose the cables. Alternatively, the cable tray can mounted in an open position by being suspended using just 1 hook at each end; which makes the cables more easily to accessible

Under Desk Cable Tray

View the range here:

SUN Under Desk Cable Tray | 500mm, 1100mm & 1470mm Long

This under desk cable tray is neatly positioned and screw-fixed to the underside of the desktop; enabling power and data cables to be neatly channeled along the length of tray.

This stylish cable management tray simply suspends cables from the underside of the desk and keeps them off the floor. The perfect cable management solution offices, home office set ups, libraries, universities, schools and other areas with excess cables and wiring.

This  tray also has an open front with a 25mm high lip that runs along the face. This lip allows for cables to be securely routed within the tray, but still easily accessed whenever required.

SUN Under Desk Cable Tray

View the range here:

Under Desk Cable Holder | 300mm, 500mm & 1000mm Long

Our sister site BPF offer a generic range of Under Desk Cable Holder which is available in a range of lengths. Although this unit is primarily designed to work in conjunction with our Hinged Access Plates, this under desk cable folder can also be used in other related applications to neatly organise cables and wiring.

View the range here:

Flex Cable Tray & Holders

Our sister site BPF also offer The Flex Cable Management System, which is designed to offer 2 solutions to the user. The first use is on it’s own as a flush mounted method of keeping cables safely tucked away under the desktop. Secondly, it can be used in conjunction with the tray holder; enabling you to route the units held firmly in position by the flexible brackets, which are fitted at various points.

We list the components separately, so customers have complete flexibility. However, you also have the option of purchasing the full kit including the tray if you prefer.

View here:

What other options are there?

We also offer a wide range of wire basket cable trays, which you can view online HERE.

Wire basket cable trays essentially offer the same function, but have a mesh-like build which helps to prevent heat and dust build up; due to having less surface area to accumulate and settle on.

If you’d like to find out more, you can read our blog on wire basket cable trays HERE.

Want to know more? 

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