World wide shipping from BOX15

Here at BOX15, we offer an extensive range of products; from office desks, Pull out tables & worktops and power modules to cable management solutionsfurniture & ergonomics and storage & shelving. Furthermore, we offer world wide shipping on everything, no matter how big or small!

However, we get a number of enquiries regarding our international shipping options and so we’ve put together a short Q & A on our frequently asked questions; so you can rest assured that wherever you are, we’ll get your order to you.

‘Do you offer world wide shipping?’

Yes, we do! If you are ordering from outside the UK (or having your items shipped outside the UK) our website will calculate shipping costs based on the international carriers we use.

We offer international delivery to over 230 countries, territories and provinces through our world wide shipping partners. You’ll then have the option of using our default international shipping.

World Wide Shipping. BPF

‘The shipping cost to my delivery country seems high, can I use my own carrier to collect?’

Yes you can! If you have your own shipping accounts and would prefer us to use your account or make your own arrangements – you can simply select ‘Collect’ and we will get your order ready for collection from our warehouse; whether this be collecting in person, sending a driver or arranging your own courier service.

Orders marked for collection will be picked, packed and available to collect from our warehouse. However, all collection orders must be pre-arranged as we don’t have a trade counter operation.

World Wide Shipping. BPF


How does it work with VAT?

We trade throughout the UK and across the globe; and so our site will automatically factor in VAT when you’re placing your order.

If your order is being delivered within the EU, you will be prompted to add a VAT number. However, if your order is being delivered outside of the EU, VAT will be removed once your invoice region is selected. VAT is driven by the country of origin.

VAT Calculator

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, please see our CONTACT US page.