X2 Cantilever Office Desks – Range Profile

X2 is our range of cantilever desks which are Italian designed and use a patented frame system. The entry level desk in our range; X2 desks are perfect for the home or workplace, and with X2 you have choice of a straight cantilever office desk or with the option of a return extension to create an L shaped desk. X2 is available in 2 frame finishes as standard, White or Silver, and complimented with your choice of top. As with all of our X range of desks we have many optional extras available including Desktop privacy screens, Modesty Panels and Cable Management Solutions.

Key Features

  • Modular Design – Same beam / blade system as X3, XD2 & X20
  • Easy to assemble – comes with all required fixings and tools.
  • Simple to adapt configurations into standard rectangular desks, long runs for multi personnel or L shaped desks, with a return.


Standard Rectangular Cantilever Office Desks

The traditional option for X2 catinilever desks is to use 1 pair of legs with one connecting beam to form a rectangular Cantilever desk for one operator.

X2 Rectangular Cantilever Desk Frame

L Shaped Desk, With Return

Using an extra leg, additional beam and beam hooker to connect them X2 can easily have a return added to a frame to create an L shaped cantilever desk

L Shaped Cantilever Desk BOX15

Multi-Person Bench Desks

The modular design means the same legs, beams and blades can be used to create long linear runs of desk easily. The beam and blade system is simply daisy-chained through the legs to create any length required.

X2 Cantilever Desks in Long Run BOX15

Height-Adjustable Desks

We also have a manual height adjustable version of the X2 cantilever desk legs allowing for a 200mm height adjustable. These can be used with the same standard connecting beams, adding extra versatility to the X2 Cantilever Desk options. X2 Manual Height Adjustable Desk



The X2 cantilever desk frames are available in two standard finishes; Silver / Aluminium (Ral 9006) and White Matte (Ral 9003)

X2 Frame Finishes

In addition to the standard options we can have other finishes made on request – including: White Gloss (Ral 9010) and Anthracite Gloss (Ral 7016).

Top Template

The top template for our X2 cantilever office desks: (available as a high res PDF on request)

X2 Cantilever Desk Top Template


Desk Top Options

As standard we have 6 wooden desk top finishes. Available in either 18 or 25mm thick MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) with 2mm thick ABS (Acrylnitril Butadien Styrol) edgind and 2mm radius all round.

Standard Top Textures

Whilst this is our standard stock range we can supply other colours and finishes on request. In addition we also offer other shaped tops including Square, Round and Oval, even asymetrical ones can be made to order, with our options for thicknesses and different edging styles; for example chamfered edhing. We can also predrill cable management holes in to the tops to suit any shape / style required.

If MFC isnt suitable for your requirement we also offer alternative desktop materials on request including MDF, Glass, Corian and Solid Oak etc. For more information on which other top finishes are available please contact us.

X2 Cantivlever Desk Screens & Accessories

X2 Cantilever Desk with Screen

Our X Series universal screens use a clamp fixation making them a perfect addition to any X2 Desk.

The X Series screens are available in either silver or white frames (to match the desk frames) and with a choice of fabric or PMMA panels. The fabric panels are available in the following standard colours:

  • Ivory Panel
  • Red Panel
  • Yellow Panel
  • Green Panel
  • Blue Panel

The PMMA panels are Opal White as standard. Other fabric colours are available upon request.

The X series of screens all double us a toolbar allowing compatible monitor arms, accessories and stationary trays to be mounted to the screens.

BOX15 Office Desk Screen Accessories Monitor Arms Tool Bar


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